“Rebecca has been cooking for me for over a year now.  She is a fabulous cook and I’m always amazed at how she can cook such delicious meals in so little time.  She’s wonderful at adjusting recipes for my many dietary restrictions and she spends the time to find new recipes to keep meals interesting.  I love coming home to a kitchen filled with the aroma of Rebecca’s cooking and a tasty nutritious meal to sit down to!!”
Beth, Summit, NJ

“Rebecca Ryan is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and healthy eating. She is ahead of the curve in offering recipes with ingredients that keep the body in optimal health. Her cooking classes are filled with expertise and are approachable and fun. Working with Rebecca will be memorable and worth it!”
Debra, Personal Trainer, Summit, NJ

“We LOVED the meal that you cooked for our family! The chicken was moist and perfectly flavored. In particular, the two homemade condiments were outstanding! We loved the vegan sour cream and the pumpkin cilantro dressing. I’ve been using the extra on other meals and they add just the right flavor to make any meal much more exciting! The pear mini muffins were also delicious and I ended up hoarding them all to myself! All four of us really enjoyed the meal and it made life much easier for me having dinner all done and ready to go!”
Meka, Summit, NJ

“I am a marathon runner and I am always looking for a treat that addresses my cravings for something sweet but, at the same time, is healthy and works with my diet. The Flavor Your Health power bites and bars are the best I have found in a long time! I have tried every store-bought bar but these are hands down the cleanest, healthiest and most delicious treats and I am sticking with them! Now, even my kids will not eat our store-bought bars if I have any of the Flavor Your Health treats in my house and this makes me happy! Rebecca Ryan is an amazing cook and I hope to try more of her things in the near future. Thank you Flavor Your Health for the amazing runners’ power treats!”
Eileen, Summit, NJ

“All I can say is YUM! Rebecca’s wholesome food keeps me going! The energy bars are incredible. I love the taste and texture plus they are very filling. The power bites are an amazing blast of energy. So delicious and clean!”
Jena, Barre Instructor, Short Hills, NJ

“I took one of Rebecca’s cooking classes and absolutely loved it. Rebecca has such a warm, calming demeanor and it is obvious her cooking skills are top notch. I use her recipes all the time! I’ve also hired Rebecca to make meals for my family and me. She spent time with me first to find out what type of food I was looking for. Did I eat meat? Am I dairy free? Any allergies? After our session, Rebecca cooked up meals for the week and packaged them neatly in my fridge. I came home and felt a surge of joy when I opened my fridge to find healthy, perfectly portioned out meals. The food was amazing and her service is impeccable. Lastly, her bars are amazing! They are filled with nutritious goodness and are so delicious!”
Laura, Summit, NJ

“5 stars goes to Rebecca and her homemade bars and granola! They are all natural and delicious. The bars are a perfect snack for on the go. Even my picky children love them!”
Lisa, Summit, NJ